Cognitive solutions that provide real-time visibility of your business

At Etag, our IoT experts help you in understanding the implementation strategy and design an application road map to build secure IoT solutions. With our IoT strategies, you can easily connect to data across the business processes within your network, push data from numerous locations through a central messaging protocol infrastructure to both operational and business applications. We enable businesses to innovate; by creating a differentiated customer satisfaction, increased productivity and greater business value.

Improving manufacturing and operations

We present a modern digital platform that brings together the leading industry practices in manufacturing processes along with wealth of important data analytics from the shop floor. These both put together provide manufacturers the ability to achieve improved service levels and savings across labor, maintenance, energy, yield loss, rework, warranty and overhead costs, and working capital, enabled by IoT.

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Predictive maintenance

Our IoT strategies make use of the historical data and other manufacturing process related parameters to predict any machine failure and threats. The information is also used to predict any unexpected downtime, which may put the entire unit to halt. The conditioned data improves the overall equipment efficiency, optimize asset utilization and thereby increases production.

Detecting and responding to network events

IoT solutions require security, privacy, safety, reliability and resilience. The fundamental mission of a security operations center (SOC) is to detect and respond to events on the network. A highly mature detection and response capability requires tailored network security solutions and a structured team with well-defined responsibilities and processes.

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Adding intelligence to your processes to drive continuous improvement

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Improved product quality

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Real-time visibility

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Improved insights

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Prevent downtimes

Connected, Intuitive & Disruptive

Building an era of true convergence

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