We provide more than just an Application Programming Interface.

At Etag, we aim not only at improving the developer’s experience but also work at providing a service model to the organization that combines business consulting and behavioral sciences with API architecture, which encompasses itself into an overall business architecture. Our strategies have the potential to optimize your business models and customer journeys.

Design APIs

Effective Collaboration is the key to building a great API. We design APIs ensuring your entire organization including App developers, testers, architects, product managers, clients, and partners all have the right blueprints at the right time throughout the API design phase.

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Implement APIs

Implement the APIs with complete security and authentication. By seamlessly connecting data and your applications across the organization, customers & partners, we ensure to equip you with newer avenues of revenue generations and increasing customer satisfaction.

Manage APIs

We enable you with intuitive dashboards that monitors API through traffic control. We manage the entire API life cycle process of designing, publishing, documenting and analyzing APIs in a secure environment. Our platform guarantees a complete solutions that both the public and internal APIs that are created are consumable and secure.

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Leverage the power of APIs in this fast paced world of Artificial Intelligence

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Higher resource and asset utilization

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Optimum CapEx and OpEx balance

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Reduced downtime and risks

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Improved customer satisfaction

Automated, Agile & Innovative

Delivering data just the way you want

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