Aerospace & Defense Industry started Choosing Etag, and here’s Why?

Consulting and implementation opportunities are on the upswing in the Aerospace supply chain. Aerospace manufacturing relates to two sectors namely the commercial aviation segment and the Defense sector.

Companies in the Aerospace supply chain are buying ERP software solutions to boost their time-to-market. In the Defense space, military budget cutbacks, place pressure on manufacturers to keep costs in check, while maintaining high levels of quality. Here, ERP systems are seen as a way to remain competitive in a tight market.

ERP software vendors face difficulty keeping pace with the need for installation support, so they are turning to Etag for assistance.

Etag has managed ERP implementation projects for Curtiss-Wright Corp, a company that traces its origins to companies founded by aviation pioneers Glenn Curtiss and the Wright brothers, continues to pursue commercial Aerospace and Defense markets.

Also, Etag has undertaken the responsibility for the implementation of solutions to Antrix Corporation Limited, the commercial arm of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

Etag has the flexibility to meet the company’s current and future needs. Companies choose Etag Aerospace & Defense ERP services because of the depth and strength of the solution and years of Aerospace and Defense industry experience, as well as we understands company’s particular requirements.

The challenge of keeping every aspect of your operations running smoothly is more critical in Aerospace and Defense than in virtually any other industry. Any misstep and you can adversely impact your bottom line with lost contracts, delayed progress payments, or penalties and fines for failing to meet regulatory and OEM compliance standards.

[vc_custom_heading text=”With Etag services, Aerospace & Defense industry will be able to:” font_container=”tag:h4|text_align:left” use_theme_fonts=”yes”]

  • Improve program oversight with visibility into costs and schedules
  • Reduce inventory through comingling and planning
  • Maximize profitability with better visibility into overall product costs
  • Manage indirect overhead costs more efficiently
  • Ensure compliance


Etag provides ERP services for Aerospace and Defense industry with tactical insight, the ability to differentiate with increased productivity and the flexibility needed to achieve business goals. We provide strategic advantage across the entire enterprise.