Infor’s Cloud War is Catching Fire..!

Global Maritime Engineering leader did not choose Oracle or SAP? Why?

“It’s not a question nowadays whether you go to the cloud, but you have to look for the right opportunity to do it. For us, it is the integration of all the different platforms we have. Getting the right information from our systems is crucial for Boskalis, and we need flexible and agile solutions to achieve our goals,” said Rien Krijger, ICT director, Boskalis. We were impressed by the innovative, disruptive technologies that Infor produces, which allow them to be ahead in the market. With Infor 10x, we now have the necessary tools for increased control, helping us to standardize processes and further strengthen our global market position.” – says Rien Krijger, CIO of Boskalis, Netherlands-based global leader in maritime engineering.

It’s been clear that, Cloud-Ready is one of the strong hold of Infor than Oracle, SAP and other market players.

Cloud-Ready? Yes, It’s Fast…! Real Fast! Either an upgrade from On-Premise to Cloud or setting-up a whole new cloud ERP for a particular Industry, The Solution is provided on a Micro-Vertical level in just a few weeks time, unlike SAP or Oracle’s monthly and yearly engagements.

Boskalis evaluated Infor because they needed ION for Easy Integration with existing 3rd party IT system without wasting the previous IT Investments, Ming.Le for Social collaboration, d/EPM for excellent budgeting and forecasting, BI for generating instant reports and statistics with Artificial Intelligence system for future prediction as well and rest all solution for their complex business case, easy maintenance, quick set-up, fast customization to go live, easy upgrade system and also to save the post-implementation maintenance expenditure.

Cloud growth over 300% and 500 wins over SAP and Oracle helped fuel Infor’s strong results for its fiscal 2015. SaaS bookings increased more than 300% as more than 45 million users now access Infor applications in the cloud in 96 countries.

As Eric Knorr – Editor in Chief, InfoWorld doubted couple of years ago,

Can Infor upset the Oracle-SAP duopoly?

Yes..! It is happening already.