Infor Service Expertise on Demand – Stay ‪‎Productive‬ is the new Mantra

Infor platform gives customers and partners’ access to a broad base of innovation without lock-in and provides deployment choices for Infor solutions coupled with opportunities to lower costs significantly.

Companies can now transform themselves into social enterprises will explore new ways to run their business. ‪‎Partnering with organizations like Infor helps companies who are passionate about what they do with the help of Infor’s innovative approach to enterprises.

Partnering with leading companies across the globe allows Infor to expand the business and set a goal to double the business revenue as partner companies play a key role in driving the initiative. The objective of Infor Partner companies is to help customers solve complex business challenges and gain ‪‎competitive advantage through ‪technology.

The Future Challenges and Opportunities in Infor –

How can companies use approaches such as Infor, Cloud and social business collaboration to drive efficiencies and profitability in this new environment?

What will the coming years bring to this ever-changing industry?

To fully unleash the power of the system, organizations need to simplify and automate the key material processes in your business, leveraging technology to reduce the time and cost associated with those processes and to streamline the logistics and production areas. With Infor 10, the data collection solution for Enterprises — one can reduce the operational costs and automate shop floor, warehousing, and distribution operations, and facilitate the timely flow of materials through organization to help you stay competitive.

Infor is a clear alternative to some of the old brands in enterprise software. Companies today are very impressed with the new Infor10 ‬brand which is underpinned by innovation and deep industry specific applications. This is precisely what the customers around the world are crying out for: applications that meet their ‪business needs.

Infor10 is easy to implement, with low cost and low risk to you. Most importantly, you can easily adapt it to changing needs within your warehouse and shop floor operations, where you’ll gain economies and efficiencies from its support for Lean and discrete manufacturing environments.

Infor Service Expertise