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Leading companies are looking to cloud-computing platforms to deliver business functions ranging from packaged business applications to custom application development at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional on-premises platforms. With this growth in enterprise use of cloud-computing comes a corresponding increase in responsibility on the part of vendors to provide cloud-computing platforms that offer outstanding service delivery.

Cloud Computing promises to revolutionize the future of IT service delivery by enabling a faster and more flexible way to meet the technology needs of your organization.

Manage every aspect of your business in “real Cloud time”. For growing companies, success depends on the ability not only to proactively manage sales, operations, and financial performance, but also to react and take advantage of changing customer, supplier, and business partner expectations and demands. Scalable and Integrated Solutions is delivered by Etag with No Compromise in Performance.

With more than 5 years of experience in delivering highly available, secure, and scalable cloud-computing applications. We’re well versed in every aspect of service delivery, from infrastructure to security, policies, and procedures.

1. World-class security
2. Transparency
3. True multitenancy
4. Proven scale
5. High performance
6. Complete disaster recovery
7. High availability

To meet these requirements and ensure we can make customers of any size successful, Etag adheres to the seven standards mentioned above. The solutions can be configured quickly to meet your current needs and changed as your needs evolve.

Cloud Computing