Infor ERP Advantages – The Etag Impact

Infor ERP is a flexible, advanced solution designed ranging from small-to- large-sized companies who operate in mixed mode environments and distributed companies. Infor ERP solution is tailored to help transform business processes, and support to make deployment and management simpler than ever before.

Etag’s Role:

  • We provide Infor ERP hosting services to thousands of users worldwide
  • Our Infor ERP solutions accelerates accuracy in the work flow and helps identify gaps within the business structure
  • We offer Custom Infor ERP Solution
  • Increased insight for more assured decision making
  • Improved productivity, efficiency and responsiveness
  • Reduced costs through increased flexibility
  • Adaptability to business change
  • Higher productivity and reliability
  • Competitive total cost of acquisition and proven total cost of ownership

Etag understands that every business has its own internal processes, database, and other such requirements. Therefore, we build customized Infor ERP software solutions based on your business process and workflow analysis. Automation of your internal business process brings speed and productivity and helps your employees adapt to a more accountable and professional work culture.

What makes Etag Infor ERP Services Different?

We at Etag develop and customize our solutions around your objectives.

While some companies try to use the same solution for every challenge, Etag designs specifically for your organization’s growth and success. We know how to manage systems productively, efficiently and economically. We support a vast number of customers and users across the globe, and we have impeccable customer references to prove it.

We enable mid-market companies to maintain complex Infor ERP environments on a cost-effective and predictable basis. And, we’re able to scale our solutions as your business grows.

Allow Etag to audit your Infor ERP Implementation…

To learn how Etag can help your organization Increase benefits from Infor ERP Services, Reach us @ info@etag.in or 080 – 23568840