Value Engineering Workshop by Infor India

October 16th 2014 Bangalore, Infor India Pvt Ltd hosted a full day workshop on “Value Engineering” held at Infor Office, Bangalore. As the official Channel Sales Partner of Infor, Etag was provided with an opportunity to take part and know more about the Infor’s value and sales preposition provided to its client organizations.

The workshop @ Infor was scheduled to have lecture and discussion sessions in the morning followed by creative problem solving sessions in the afternoon. The purpose of the workshop was to consider the various maintenance strategies that the companies should adopt in their business and also the issues that the companies face during the implementation of those strategies in their day to day business.

The workshop preceded by Mr. Srinivasan began with an introduction about Infor Value Engineering (VE) Services, who also briefed about VE Lite along with a case study of ABC Inc., a Manufacturing Company.

The case study presentation about ABC Inc., spoke about the technical hitches and the difficulties encountered during the implementation and maintenance strategies. Later, the speaker briefed about the Infor Value Preposition Summary, which suggested suitable opportunities, proposed solutions and the benefits gained by ABC Inc.

Followed by quick lunch, the problem solving session or lets say a brainstorming session consisted of interactive discussions where audience took examples of their respective organizations and listed the asset maintenance strategies, purchasing process, along with generating reports & analytics to create value and much more.

Lastly, the team Etag summarized the precise benefits of the Infor value based sellingbenchmarking their companies strategies and also the key performance standards with which an organization can benefit. By optimizing business performance through Infor Value Engineering Services, Etag forms a trusted Channel Sales Partnership and continues to meet the complex needs of leading client organizations.