Etag is now officially Infor Associate Channel Partner!!!

Our Proud Moment!!!

We are very excited to announce that Etag is officially Infor Associate Channel Partner now. We have always strived to be connected with one of the most influential technology companies in the world and today it has become a reality.

As Infor Associate Channel Partner, we share tactical and strategic plans, working together at the planning, design, and operational levels to ensure products and services leverage each other, delivering the greatest value to customers.

Infor Services for Infor Associate Channel Partners can help get maximum value from the solutions that already exists, and extend solutions to meet new requirements as they arise. Infor services uncover potential opportunities to improve business that span the entire infrastructure, including people, processes, and solutions.

Etag as Infor Associate Channel Partner won’t miss out on opportunities by the details of managing the Infor services. We, the Infor Associate Channel Partners now keep a competitive edge with the latest, most effective approaches and solutions that won’t let services limit business opportunities.

Partnership with Infor is a huge milestone for Etag. We would like to thank one and all who are responsible in making this happen. It is always a good feeling to be recognized for the hard work. We also would like to thank all of the Infor clients who feel that our solutions are helping to propel their business forward.

Kudos to Team Etag – Promising Future for Infor Services